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flamingo dancer bronze sculpture

$975 - $1,330

Time left

Auction over


She flirtatiously cools herself off with her red-feathered fan as she cocks her head off to the side and bats her eyelashes. She walks one foot in front of the other allowing her long luscious legs to follow. She looks like she has come straight out of the Moulin Rouge wearing nothing but a corset with ruffles around the trimming and plenty of feathers. Being a burlesque dancer you can never have too many feathers. As she walks through the crowd she shakes her tail feathers proudly while she confidently turns heads. Her hair is pulled back into a loose bun letting some of her tassels hang loose and also sports a red feather in her hair. This bronze sculpture has amazing intricate details which you will keep discovering each time you look at her. This sculpture was cast using the Lost Wax Method ensuring quality and detail This sculpture is bronze and it has a brown patina and mounted on a marble base. Dimensions: Height 17 X Width 9 inches. Weight: 13 LBS.