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About Us | Thirdman

Let’s be clear, Thirdman is not another auction house.

We are the first Metasearch in the fine art auction world that represents its clients before, during and after the sale.

The Thirdman added value: Becoming your personal bidder

  • We bring to your attention what you commissioned us to look for worldwide.
  • We act as the interface with the auction house before and during the sale.
  • We represent you during the auction by bidding on your behalf in your best interests.

Our transparent remuneration for these services is based on success fees only.

In order to validate your purchase offer we ask for a deposit of 5% of your highest offer on Stripe or PayPal.
If we successfully obtain your chosen lot, we will charge you the equivalent of the deposit as a fee for our services.
If we don’t obtain the lot we will immediately release the totality of your deposit after the auction.All sales are done in the currency of the country in which they take place.
The 5% deposit is also calculated according to the currency of the place in which the auction is taking place.

Our fee is separate from the one of the auction house.

Since we are not a financial intermediate we will put you in contact with the auction house in order for you to settle the payment directly with them (hammer price + buyer’s premium).
The drafting of a sales invoice commits the auction house to be held accountable in case of a problem.Shipping costs and transport are subject to an initial estimate and to the buyers’ acceptance.
The buyer covers these expenses, added to the price of the sale.

(see our sales conditions in our footer for extra precision and information)

By teaming up with The Third Man platform you will be safely and simply introduced to the exciting world of bidding at auction.

Join the fun and share in the passion of buying as we help you build your own personal collection.
With The Third Man you will have the satisfaction of knowing you are bidding with our expert knowledge behind you and are also experiencing all the thrill of the hunt itself.

The Third Man platform scans over 50,000 auction catalogues each year and by registering your personal keywords with us we can alert you to all forthcoming lots of interest and compare similar items over the following 30 day period all over the world.

These auction houses:

  • Have high visibility
  • Benefit from international reputation
  • Publish their catalogues
  • Are helped by experts
  • Provide invoices that commit them to their sales

With all the information we provide at your fingertips you can then make informed decisions in a relaxed and fun forum.

We will manage all aspects of the transaction on your behalf ensuring you buy wisely, safely and smartly.

In addition, by signing up to The Third Man you will also have access to Auctionaftersale which allows you to revisit any lots that went unsold and make your own offer within 4 days.

Our catalogue aggregator enables you to benefit from immediate support with all decisions and allows us to make informed suggestions to you of suitable upcoming lots that match your preferences.

With The Third Man auction support package you will be involved in the best auctions around the world and can experience all the fun, drama and excitement whilst with the satisfaction of knowing that all your bids will have been carried out as competitively as possible.

"We open your door to the auction world."

Welcome to: www.thirdman.auction

Jean-Baptiste Fabre, 54 years old, built Thirdman.auction in 2018 in Geneva, Switzerland after having spent 15 years in the universe of auction sales.
His passion for art investment and then auctions comes from his ancestors coming from a long dynasty of respected experts in 18th century Royal French furniture.
He decided to build Thirdman.auction to represents you before, during and after the sales.
To give you the satisfaction of knowing you are bidding with our expert knowledge behind you and are also experiencing all the thrill of the hunt itself.

Read Jean-Baptiste Fabre interview by privateartinvestor.com here https://www.privateartinvestor.com/opinion/qa-jean-baptiste-fabre/

Thirdman.auction is a company of Auctionaftersale SARL group.

Company registration number : IDE CHE-231 275 893 (Geneva, Switzerland)

Company head quarter :

33, rue de la Synagogue
1204 - Geneva
E-mail: contact@thirdman.auction