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Global gateway to the world of auction

Our goal is to connect the best interlocutors with each other,
the best opportunities with each request.
Our goal is to connect the best interlocutors with each other, the best opportunities with each request.

Who we are

By teaming up with the Thirdman auction support package you will be involved in the best auctions around the world and can experience all the fun, drama and excitement whilst with the satisfaction of knowing that all your bids will have been carried out as competitively as possible.

Let’s be clear, we are not another auction house. We are:

Your personal bidder

We act as the interface and your representative with the auction house before, during and after the sale with the best interest in mind.

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Meta search engine

Thirdman platform scans over 50,000 auction catalogues each year, and adds nearly 300,000 new lots each week. We bid day and night worldwide in order to satisfy most of your requests at the best costs.

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Optimum service provider

We bring to your attention what you commissioned us to look for worldwide. Our transparent remuneration for these services is based on success fees only which is seperate from the auction house.

How we began

In 2018, Jean-Baptiste Fabre founded in Geneva, Switzerland, after having spent more than 15 years in the world of auction sales.

His passion for investments in arts and then auctions come from his ancestors, coming from a long dynasty of respected experts in 18th century Royal French furniture. He believes auctions bring new life to preloved items and at the same time, it brings fun and enjoyment while bidding for it. New opportunities are available on this market, for everyone, for every budget, everyday to those who have the right tools to select, sort and compare the offer.

So, with the vision to bring the confidence in people to bid and experience the thrill of the hunt itself, the way Jean feels, he built to share his learnings and expertise that is backed up with a cutting edge ecosystem.

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Jean-Baptiste FabreFounder, CEO of
Addresse de Thirdman

Where we are

10, rue Charles Bonnet
CH-1206 Geneva